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Business Agility

The 8 benefits of Business Agility

Market Success

User-focused Value Delivery boosts sales success

Employee Satisfaction

More productive and collaborative people work happier

Best way of working

More efficient processes with less waste and faster delivery

Better Collaboration

People working collaboratively eliminate waste and deliver more value

Customer Satisfaction

Guarantees experimentation and a delivery more appropriate to the customer’s need

Adaptive Leadership

“Adaptive leaders, at their core, understand that creating a clear vision of the future, experimenting quickly, finding new measures of triumph, and engaging customers are key components of success.” – Jim Highsmith

Speed to Market

Enables you to keep up with the universe of Digital Transformation and get ahead of competitors

Agile Mindset

Processes that allow for experimentation, receiving feedback, incremental product and service development.

Our Trainings

Develop your teams to implement Agility.

All of our trainings have dynamics and practical examples!

  • Design Sprint
  • Design Thinking
  • DevOps
  • Kanban
  • Nexus
  • OKR
  • Pizza with OKR
  • Pizza with DevOps
  • Pizza with SAFe
  • Pizza whit Scrum
  • Product Owner
  • Remote
  • Agile Requirements
  • SAFe
  • Scrum Framework
  • Scrum Master
  • Tortillas with DevOps

Are we going to start building a Transformation together?

DevOps Culture

The DevOps Culture tends to accelerate the processes from planning to software development, enabling integration, speed, continuous delivery and quality level, we are specialists in the implementation of the DevOps Culture.

The 7 benefits of DevOps Culture


We are used to thinking alone, but when we join forces and take advantage of what technology offers us, we can make the teams’ daily routine easier, minimising errors in repetitive processes.


To have security we must have a specific planning and with that the involvement of other areas are inevitable. Invest in planning, map your dependencies and always have everyone on the same page.


Increased communication between squads and cross teams allows for greater knowledge and mastery of what needs to be done, minimizing future problems and rework by the teams. Scrum ceremonies help a lot in this regard.


Individual work does not scale, and does not help to foster knowledge within a team. The use of frameworks like Scrum for example, helps ensure deliverables and terms of the TEAM concept.


Investing in planning is important. People usually have the habit of using the famous “Code first” and forget that a good business planning, architecture, project setup are essential to ensure a safe scalability.

More frequent Feedbacks

There is no point in having a modern pipeline and not using it to its potential. Delivery in smaller batches allows us to measure the result with the customers and understand where we must correct our routes. Compliance at scale ensures the safety of operations and monitoring.


Reliability comes from the cadence of good deliveries and results. Good practices implemented , communication between the team, collaboration between the parties are essential to ensure the trust of users and investors.

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DevOps Culture

Due to the great success of our professionals in the processes of transforming customers, many seek the expertise of the consultancy to compose their teams, so we have a team of SM’s, PO’s and Agile Coachs who can be part of your team.

In addition to a high standard selection process, we have a continuous program to develop technical and behavioral skills for all Abuzitos.


Constant training
Our professionals are constantly trained in customer needs and market news.

The profile your team needs
The screening process of our HR guarantees, in addition to technical capabilities through interviews and technical tests, a profile highly shared with the challenge you have in the company.